Monday, February 28, 2011

Public Speaking

So as you grade 12  kids know I am trying to get you some public speaking experience (as I am/ will be with my other classes as well.  The list we looked at for top ten personal fears got a few laughs today.  Here is another one with similar results but the same message, people fear public speaking more than death!  As I said in class, one can usually recover from a bad public speaking experience, death not so much.

Top 10 Fears Image

Corresponding to this are the top three things that students in grade eleven and twelve identify as the things they hope to improve on in English class (in order of most frequently identified):
1. grammar
2. public speaking
3. essay writing

Therefore we will be looking at and looking for tips on how to improve on these things throughout the semester.  If you have found a site, a you tube video or another resource to help with these, please let me know / post them here so we can see about using them to help my students to get better!

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