Sunday, February 27, 2011

Metacognitive mumbo jumbo

     So, you came to check out the blog?  Thanks.  I was a little lonely out here in cyberspace. I wanted to comment on a couple of things.   First, I went to a conference called Byte 2011 in Portage La Prairie which was really good for a couple of reasons.  One, I got to hear a message about 21st century learners that made sense.  I'd heard the message recently at another conference, but since the depth of these thoughts and the large shift in thinking that they conveyed was new to me the first time, it was a lot to byte off (sad pun intended).  This time, I got to think a lot more about what I can do in my classroom to take what I've learned and create a better learning environment for my students.
     Therefore be forewarned, if you are my students you will be my guinea pig for the next little while as I try to incorporate those things that are important to know and learn and be, and blend it in with the English curriculum and all of its glorious outcomes.  Oh, and I'll be around all week this week (yay or boo at your own discretion!)
Mrs. H.

p.s.- don't be scared, this means lessons are more about you and what you need to know today, and less about what someone thought you needed to know way back then.

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