Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feature Article Discussion

      So today in class we talked about the longevity study as found in O magazine.  I always find it interesting when there is such a huge departure from what we think is common wisdom on a subject, especially on a study that was conducted for such a long period of time (you'd think it would have a great deal of credibility considering that it has taken place over a long period of time).  I think this is a good example of a feature article that is interesting and informative; not necessarily earth shattering but entertaining.

     Another thing I read yesterday was about how a certain class of Vancouver grade 12 kids felt about school.  Specifically what they remembered from their grade 6 school year and what they thought was important to them(not one thing they listed when asked was academic) .  They also voiced their opinion on the infusion of technology into their learning.  Their answers were somewhat surprising to me about that, and in a way weren't surprising at all.  Read on by linking to the blog here:   http://cultureofyes.ca/2011/02/23/kids-report-school-is-just-fine-sort-of/

Become part of the discussion by answering one, some or all of the questions below:

What do you remember about grade 6?
What is your opinion about changes to the way you learn / I teach?
What is your take on what these students have to say?



  1. Hello there,

    As I read the article about the grade 12 class from vancouver, i couldn't help but remember my grade six year, and the emotions that came with that milestone.

    The things that i remember the most about my grade six year was how close everyone was, how no matter what, everyone could say hello and no fuss was made. I remember recess and how everyone would race to get the highest swing on the swing set. The thing i remember most, that has been long in my past now as I aproach graduation, is how no matter what school wasn't stressful it was fun! It wasn't as navigated as high school and that creativity was never limited.

    In my opinion I enjoy that changes to the way I learn and the way that Mrs. Hallson teaches! I find it somewhat refreshing but very informative. I find that its a great way to introduce us to our weaknesses and fears such as public speaking, grammar and punctuation as well as essay writing. I feel as though we are learning to polish our skills in a new way that is easy to learn but also something that I will remember and grow apon as I enter and experience university. I also think their is a negative aspect to it as well, as we have been navigated and what most would call "brain washed" into this structured limited creativity format of learning and studying. I feel that introducing a new format to learning is a great idea, constructive and will help keep many students interested in learning but i also think that in a sense it isn't fair that we were introduced such a limited way of learning for the past thirteen years.

    My take on what the sudents have to say is that their to an extent correct. I feel as though introducting a new way of learning can be a negative thing as we have been taught and have mastered the way that has been shown for the past thirteen years. Although i do feel that a new way of learning is in need and that its a great way of polishing skills and keeping many students interested in learning. I feel as though the old way of learning and educating students shouldn't be thrown out completly but many new ways of educating should be introduced.

    As I see it, the world is constantly changing, and its now time for the areas of educating and studying to be modernised too!

  2. Thanks for the excellent insights. This is exactly what this big push in education is about right now; integrating new technology while keeping the existing curriculum. We're trying to put it in without adding more -- just using the tools that are now available.

    I remember my high school years similarly, good times! If so much of what we retain then has to do with how we feel, maybe us teachers need to keep finding ways to keep those positive emotional connections happening within the classroom :)