Thursday, December 13, 2012

pass on some seasonal good will!


Looking forward to Christmas holidays - the part right after Christmas where I get to sit and relax a while.  I hope everyone out there is trying their best to do something positive for their fellow man.  Resist the urge to be rude when you are inconvenienced, respect others, hold a door open, let someone cut in line, donate to a worthy cause, even if it's just a little.  And smile.  Smiling will improve your overall mood.  I am trying it and it is making a difference.

Happy December Folks!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

So as of late I have been a little busier than normal, or maybe back to the normal busy after some pleasantly diverting time to relax, I can't tell.  What I do know is this, scheduling things and list making are super important to my productivity.

I think that making mega lists, what I used to do, has to come back.  A mega list is a list, sometimes in the form of a little notebook that I carry around in my bag, that has way more stuff than a mere mortal could accomplish in a day (perhaps a week even).   Mega lists are often so large that they have to be organized into more sensible categories - then usually I do the 'can't wait' things first.  The great part of a mega-list is that a person can jump around the list and accomplish things and check them off randomly.  As things get finished, it looks like utter chaos, but as I start to get close to the end of my gigantic to do list, there is an undeniable sense of fulfillment that  creeps across.  Eventually much more gets done, much less gets forgotten, and as I get to the last third or so of the to-do list, a funny thing happens, I often start adding more things that need to get done next.

That part is kind of a curse.

For you random chaotic thinkers out there, and if that is you, you already know who I mean, making the list is super important to your productivity, but it is a terrible thing to put the creative muse that lives inside you through.  Burning through a to-do list does not help the creative process normally.  For people that thrive in chaos (if this is you, people marvel at your calm, rationality as the world crashes in) the creative part happens when you're procrastinating, as long as you fill your procrastination time with ... some purposeful task.  If you thrive in chaos, you probably hate the mess, but hate being bored stiff while cleaning it up as well.  There is always a better use of your time.  How are you going to solve the world's problems if you're in the middle of cleaning up some unimportant pile of filing, am I right?

So don't make a mega-list every day, but do choose a couple days a week to create and burn through one.  People will think you're amazing and deadlines will no longer creep up on you.  Your surroundings will be cleaner and while you'll have stress, people will think you're pretty damn efficient - which is kind of nice too.

I think I'm going to go pick up a little notebook for my bag tomorrow, it's that kind of week ahead.