Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adventure Stories

On the precipice of reading Into the Wild

Adventure stories have a certain allure that can't be denied.  A walk on the wild side is a treat when your average everyday ordinary life doesn't provide the adrenaline rushes that adventure and peril do.  Reading adventure stories or watching them in a movie or on T.V. are a vicarious experience that allows the audience to escape the ordinary for a little while.  So what's your favorite adventure story and Why? 

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Response to comment 1:
That is a great adventure story. That author (Michael Creighton) has another book called Eaters of the Dead that is based on a true story of a Muslim merchant/diplomat that is taken by Vikings while on a mission and his adventures (he kept a remarkable journal in real life). Thanks for the post! So true that connecting with history/imagination is exciting.


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  1. My favorite adventure story would have to be Jurassic Park because the movie showed what it could be like if dinosaurs were around again. It brought back a part of history and made it feel like you were there. I found it very interesting and there was a lot of action which would draw you in. The movie was the most sophisticated portrayal of dinosaurs at the time which made you really believe in the movie. What we knew about dinosaurs and what they did was all portrayed on the screen. The giant T-Rex that is a carnivore was definitely portrayed as one. Who would not want to see a part of our history on big screen?